Hotel de LEN was born following major renovations of the historic Hotel Impero, in the centre of Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Carved in wood and true to the territory, it tells the tale of its land, starting with the materials and celebrating nature. In its forms, a tribute to the artisans who handed down the precious art of woodworking.

Its philosophy is inspired by the “Rules of Ampezzo”, created with the aim of balancing the relationship between man and nature, to allow a respectful, collective and far-sighted use of the territory, aimed at the survival and wellbeing of the population. 

de LEN , “of wood” in Ladino, a neo-Latin language spoken in the Dolomite communities, is a tribute to the true protagonist of this architectural structure, a sustainable, renewable and functional element.

Wood has always been the main material used for construction: builders engraved their personal trademark in order to recognize its origin. The instrument used for the engravings, the “fer da segnà”, hails to the rural culture of the place and is reproduced in the de LEN logo.
Everything is designed to strengthen this indissoluble bond with the Ampezzo history.


Modern building processes for an ethical and sustainable design

At a time in which environmental responsibility and sustainable ethics have become fundamental for every aspect of human life, the protection of traditions has always distinguished the city of Cortina d’Ampezzo. This philosophy and the strongly touristic character of the place have ensured both the conservation of the local craftsmanship and the achievement of high-quality standards.

The philosophy of sustainability starts with construction techniques and from the choice of materials: the use of wood, as well as being highly symbolic and representative of the territory, produces lower emissions of carbon dioxide and requires less electricity, resulting in a lower environmental impact with respect to other materials. In addition, wood offers the ideal protection from noise, atmospheric and electromagnetic pollution.

Hotel de LEN is dedicated to Guests who are environmentally conscious.

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