The search for the best raw materials through the skilful work of local producers, the desire to rediscover and enhance the flavours and typical processes of the territory, a comfortable place open to everyone from breakfast to post dinner: these are the bases that inspire the principles of the kitchen and the bar at the HOTEL de LEN.

A philosophy strongly linked to the Ampezzo culture, which takes shape in dishes that tell stories of the land and of the mountains, with new cocktails capable of creating unprecedented harmonies between a range of spirits, wild herbs and woods with surprising aromas.


A warm and comfortable environment characterised by ancient oak walls and ceilings, where you can taste dishes that have combined the strong and decisive tastes of mountain products with the freshness and lightness of contemporary reinterpretations.

A space that is open all day, from the scents of breakfast to the post dinner atmosphere, a restaurant truly designed for every moment of the day. At lunch, a light and tasty menu for those looking for a break in their day of sport or work: rich salads, delicious soups and a selection of burgers, including vegetarian ones. Alternatively, the dish “I Quadri del de LEN” is ideal for those who desire a complete meal. Inspired by the famous “Square Plate” of Master Gualtiero Marchesi, this unique dish is composed of four sections, allowing you to enjoy multiple courses without feeling too heavy and satisfying your curiosity to try different offerings. At dinner, there is a richer and more complete menu to rediscover the Ampezzo flavours with a creative touch and the possibility of tasting the dishes in the evocative atmosphere of the bar in the basement.

All in perfect balance between wellbeing and conviviality: a single thread that combines traditions, taste, knowledge of contemporary cuisine and the fundamental principles of healthy living.

The restaurant is open from 12.00 to 10.00pm.


A unique and hidden bar within the heart of the structure that has a few reserved places for lovers of mixology and those who want to discover a new way of tasting spirits, reinterpretations of the great classics of mixing and unprecedented barrel-aged cocktails.

The bar is open from 7.30 pm to 01.00 am.

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