Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Queen of the Dolomites, is the ideal starting point for a memorable outdoor experience, each season offers different views and the possibility of discovering enchanted places. The Ampezzo valley also offers numerous gastronomic proposals tied to local tradition and each season is full of attractions


The snowy forest’s silence

There are countless outdoor activities offered in the mountains during winter. We suggest the one that is perhaps less popular but which will allow you to feel in full contact with nature and with yourself. Walking in the snow, especially if off the beaten track, listening to the silence of the woods, it doesn’t matter the destination but the journey. An experience that will make you really feel the mountains in a different way.

Cembra pine grappa

Naturally scented, the taste of grappa is even more enhanced when flavored with cembra pine. It can be enjoyed at the end of a good dinner, in one of the many refuges (lodges) or on the slopes, or as an après ski drink: the options are endless.

The illuminated streets of the center

During the winter season the streets of the centre, starting from the first days of December, light up with colored shop windows and Christmas lights. Walking through the streets of the centre will immerse you in the typical romantic mountain atmosphere.


The awakening of rivers and steams

In spring with the first warmth, the ice and snow slowly leave the forest. All the streams and rivers resume their movement, from the thinnest rivulets to the most impressive waterfalls. Even the water of the lakes returns to shine under the sun in late spring. With a little luck you could admire both winter and summer scenarios that the mountains offer  in this transition period.


Spring is time for celebrations, so we can only suggest Brazorà, a sweet braided focaccia sprinkled with granulated sugar. It was the dessert for wedding invitations: the newlyweds personally went to each guest to communicate the happy event and brought a complimentary brazorà with 5 carafoi (crostoli) and 5 sugared almonds (confetti) in the center for the occasion.

Marmot watching

At the end of winter, at the end of their long hibernation, the marmots that live in the mountain meadows begin their awakening. Meeting them is not easy, but not so rare either. The secrets is to be very quiet, to move with caution and if you know how to recognize their high-pitched whistle  you will know in which direction to look and admire them. From April to June is also the mating time for marmots.


All out trekking !

It is in summer that the mountain shows all of its beauty with the colors of the bright green meadows, dotted with the thousands of coloured flowers. The backdrop is the imposing peaks, that give us different views depending on the side from which we admire them. Hundreds of CAI paths allow you to reach postcard views, lakes, rivers, mountains, local houses and rocks.

Apple fritters

Apple fritters commonly served with vanilla ice cream and fresh red fruits give us, at the end of a walk, an explosion of taste with simple flavors. There are many refuges (lodges) where they can be found and each of the locals have their own favorite place to enjoy them.


At dawn and dusk, the Dolomites light up with warm shades creating a natural spectacle, unique in the world, called “Enrosadira”. It is an enchanted moment that never ceases to amaze, whether you are new to the mountains or expert mountaineers. If scientists explain the phenomenon through the composition of the rock, Ladins tell it through the legend of King Laurin and the Enrosadira.



The green meadows have given way to a landscape rich in contrasts: in the valley bottoms where red and yellow leaves slowly begin to fall. Above the peaks are increasingly white, the sky is colored an intense blue. The fiery, red and gold larches are reflected in the waters of the clear lakes, creating dream scenarios for photography, amateurs and professionals.


Casunziei are a typical dish of the Ampezzo cuisine. The classic winter filling involves the use of red turnips, yellow turnips and potatoes as the main ingredients. Present in all refuges (lodges) or restaurants with traditional cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste this traditional dish during your stay in Cortina!


Deŝmonteà is a traditional festival of mountain populations which marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. We see in fact the shepherds returning to the valley with their livestock to spend the winter. One of the events most linked to the rurality of the place, sees a long procession of  an animal parade in the town center with typical Ampezzo colors and clothes, symbol of the link between culture and respect for the mountain and its various activities, especially those linked to nature .

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