A story about sustainability and respect for the environment.

The story of a territory, starting with its raw materials, inspired by nature and coming back to the essentials.

Hotel de LEN is a tribute to its place and to the natural element of wood. A story of well-being and sustainability that begins in the heart of the structure.


Contemporary rurality

Minimal interiors, modern lines which harmonize with the territory. The element of continuity throughout the space is wood, which interacts perfectly with the other innovative and sustainable materials.


Local flavours and sustainable raw ingredients

Nutrition embodies the essence of wellbeing when it becomes a conscious and sustainable choice of raw ingredients, a profound search for local products with the tradition of simple flavours.


Wellbeing dialogues with Nature

One of a kind, the rooftop spa looks out over the valley and the Olympic ski facilities of Cortina. Here, wellbeing is explored in all its dimensions, celebrating the Ampezzo area and leading guests on a journey to discover Happiness.